Run The F*cking Ball, Stupid, is now officially a category on this website. It’s not as catch as KISS, but it’s more jargon-y, so I like that.

The Browns lost 31-13. Of course, Chris Johnson all of sudden remembers how to run the ball in this game. Matt Hassellback got sacked zero times. His day was so-so, by the numbers, anyway — 10/20, 220 yds, 3 TDs and 1 INT. A good day for a fantasy team, but apart from the 3 TDs, it isn’t like the Titans’ QB turned into Tom Brady for a game or anything. He had one great half, and that was enough.

Here’s what bugged me: Colt McCoy’s numbers. He had a 65.6% completion rate, 1 TD, 1 INT, 350 yards. A respectable day, right? It’s missing two numbers. 40 and 61. 40 completions, 61 pass attempts.

Read that again.

The team, as a whole, ran 21 times. Peyton Hillis got 4.6 YPC on 10 carries.

That sickens me. I’m not blaming McCoy (although he did cough up a Pick Six); I’m blaming the play calling. Let’s get closer to a 50-50 mix, Browns. Especially when you aren’t running poorly!


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