Every once in a while, I recycle this post, but it all works out on some metaphysical level, I’m sure.

Tangotiger has a story about recycling and how it all goes in the same bin.  He believes this is by accident, when “you don’t have a test environment.”  In that case, perhaps so, but not always.  Remember that much of the urge for recycling is feel-good silliness; otherwise, people would find a way to get paid for it (and recycling certain metals, such as copper, is so prevalent that there are even billboards telling you not to steal copper for the purposes of recycling it!).  So in actuality, given that it costs more to recycle than you can get for re-selling the recycled components, it can make fiscal sense to have people separate out their recyclables and then dump them all back in one bin to go to the same landfill.  People get that sense of smug self-satisfaction and companies don’t lose money.

Bonus recycling bit:  from xkcd.