Mr. Obama, Tear Down These Stalls!

Rand Paul unleashes a well-deserved broadsides against federal mandates on toilets.  How much water should flow from my toilet when I flush it is not at all in the purview of the federal government.  Fire the busybodies who come up with these stupid rules and we’ll all be better as a result.

Lou Dolinar has more on the stupidity of that particular piece of regulation.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Obama, Tear Down These Stalls!

    • I’ve heard it both ways (specifically, point 10). If I used the definite article, I would agree with you: a ship has but one broadside. But because it really refers to the cannons on one side of the ship, that’s where the plural-or-non-plural ambiguity comes in. Because I am lazy (and I really have heard it both ways), I shall keep it as it stands.

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