What’s this? A new page?

I’m adding a new page to our website. This page will have what games we’re playing and what games are on our wish lists. If there’s demand and/or interest, a book list could also be a possibility. Take a look!


WWE Universe Mode — The greatest strength and weakness of Smackdown vs RAW 2011

Normally, I don’t like doing more than one post on a single game, unless it’s really complex or that awesome. However, for perhaps the first time on this blog, I am going to knowingly contradict something I said in a review. In the original Review You Can Use [tm] for this game, I said:

Pros– WWE Universe is an engaging way to play and gives you a feel of real progress.”

While it still gives a feeling of progress, initially, I can’t say it’s engaging any longer.

The problems are as follows:

1) It’s too hard to get into contention for a first tier title (WWE or World Heavyweight as opposed to IC or US). You can win the Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank, but other than that, you have to hope you’re included in a multi-man match. You can’t just beat the wrestler ahead of you.

2) If you do win one of those titles, you will end up wrestling the same three wrestlers four or five times a piece, because computer wrestlers have the same problem you do.

3) The secondary belts have more flow, and it’s relatively easy to get to those, but if you have one, it will take extraordinary measures to get a top belt, since you’ll be scheduled in that division.

4) If you do get both belts, plan on only having matches at pay-per-views. You can hold multiple titles, but it confuses the scheduling formulas.

5) The tag team system, while interesting, results in too many teams being formed and dissolved in two weeks. The down shot of this is you will have a glut of tag teams, and then no tag teams. My tag team champs went for three months with no matches because there were no other teams.

The astute observer may exclaim, “Why, that sounds just like the real WWE!” This is the problem — I want something more interesting than the real WWE can offer. I want upsets, I want title changes. I want to see random nonsense, like “Zack Ryder, WWE Champion.” I want fewer Iron Man matches (much, MUCH fewer). I want feuds that make sense. WWE has always claimed anything can happen — I want that to be true.

I still recommend the game for WWE fans, but more as a Gamefly type rental — you can’t unlock everything in a week, but you can in a month. There’s just too much rigidity in WWE Universe to be long lasting, particularly after you’ve won all the belts.

Puritanical Progressivism

George Will has a good column on a slice of history regarding puritanical progressivism.  Folks on the left (and libertarians who try to split the middle) like to forget that a great deal of Comstockism comes not from the right, but from the nanny-state left.  It’s not Chris Christie telling you that you can’t eat at McDonalds or Clarence Thomas weighing in that the federal government needs to ban video games, and it wasn’t Barry Goldwater laying invective at the rank harlotry going on in Archie comics (seriously).

Enough Is Enough

This is a really good Ron Paul speech.  I’m not in agreement with him everywhere (hint:  foreign policy is a big difference), but I’m with him on most of the substance.

His bill is something I would change slightly.  I don’t like the formulation of removing immunity for government officials entirely—there are certain cases where there should be some leeway, like FBI investigations.  But when it comes to getting groped at an airport, I don’t see why Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and John Boehner shouldn’t deal with the same “love pats” that we have to deal with.  When it comes to highways, don’t forget that Presidents were given speeding tickets back in the day.  When it comes to corruption, Charlie Rangel should be in the slammer, and as for paying taxes, I doubt that most anyone else would get the Tim Geithner treatment.