Nook Not Recognized

I tried plugging in my Nook to re-charge and remove some PDFs I had completed, but I kept getting a message saying that the USB device was not recognized.  I tried this from various USB ports (sometimes devices only want to use the rear ports on my computer), but that didn’t fix it.  I even checked it on my Linux PC to see if it could find the Nook; no dice.

After checking out this very informative post on Nook basics, I gave the hard reboot a try, and now it works again.  This fix wasn’t specified anywhere in the post, but there was a comment about a hard reboot (holding down the power button for 12-20 seconds) fixing software issues, and that’s apparently what this was.


One thought on “Nook Not Recognized

  1. Ericka says:

    I’ve looked online for days on how to fix this issue with my computer not recognizing that my Nook was plugged in. I did a hard reset like you said (powered off until I got a total white screen) and it worked right away! Unbelievable, I was on B&N forums and everything, no one mentioned this! Thanks so much!!!

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