Long Knives

It still looks like it will be a bloodbath for Democrats in 2010. It doesn’t look like it will be a tremendous 80-seat swing, but going from big majority to close minority (but with a chunk of Congressmen who will be less likely to toe the party line if the boss isn’t able to hand out the goodies) is still a huge change.  One can hope…


Taking The Day Off

I worked 17 hours on Wednesday (up until 1 AM) and then almost a full day on Thursday.  As a result, I’ve taken the day off and slept through a good bit of it.  Unfortunately, that means no snark, theory, or interesting stories.

The Penguatroll, meanwhile, has been captivated by a shiny DVD laying on the floor…for the last three weeks…

The Rightward-Most Viable Candidate

It’s that “viable” part that makes this so hard…

There’s a conservative challenger in the Delaware senate primary. Apparently, there’s a chance that she could win—she’s effectively tied with the Democrat right now.  Mike Castle is likely to win, but he’s a centrist on his best days, and rather liberal on his worst.  In other words, he’d be another Maine senator.

Given that Republicans should be expected to net several more conservatives in the senate, given current information, it might make sense to vote for the riskier candidate here.  If conservatives expected Republicans to remain in the 40-45 range, they would be better off by bringing in Castle, as he would provide at least some check against Democrats on some issues.  But with the number of shaky northeastern Republicans in the senate (as well as other shaky Republicans like George Voinovich, who fortunately is retiring), that might not be enough.