How to fix all of Facebook’s problems with two simple solutions

There are two major problems that Facebook has. 1) The privacy thing and 2) Too many morons.

The first solution is easy — stop posting sensitive stuff on Facebook! This is not rocket science. Do not put your phone number, address, credit card or social security numbers on Facebook. Seriously. Worried about posting some stupid and making somebody mad, offended, or sad? Don’t put it on Facebook. Yes, there are Byzantine privacy settings on Facebook, and that’s not cool, but anything you put on a largely public website has the potential to be up for grabs.

The second problem has an equally easy solution — go back to the way things were. Whenever I see somebody’s pet or a five year old with a profile on Facebook, it drives me up the wall.  All you need is an e-mail address — and those are really easy to get — and you can be on Facebook. At one point, you had to be a college student with a college e-mail address. I’m not saying college students aren’t morons, but there was at least a barrier to entry, so you weeded out some of the more egregious morons. Now, I realize that the genie’s already been let out of the bottle, so here’s my solution: make everybody pay $5 (lifetime, no monthly or yearly bullshit) to get on Facebook. It could be higher or lower, but in order to pay the $5, you’d probably need PayPal and in order to get that, you need a bank account. This will prevent stupid parents from setting up Facebook profiles for children — i.e. pedophile magnets.

Curmudgeonliness over. Now, as your reward, a picture of ducks.



14 thoughts on “How to fix all of Facebook’s problems with two simple solutions

  1. I’m slightly offended by the smart A_ _ comment above re: fixing Facebook. Anyway, if you need to insult others to feel better, do it, whatever floats your boat or knocks your socks off. I just want Facebook typeable again. Several friends are having the same problem. I can’t even type a sentence anymore without some “weird” happening. Example: I’ll be typing a comment and out of no where (or somewhere) a page from anywhere appears on my screen, then when I get rid of it get back to FB my comment sometimes very long, is gone, erased and you can imagine what I want to say or scream because it happens daily now, not once in a while..then my cursor will all of a sudden move up or down on the page anywhere on the page and type what I’m typing there, so I have to get it back, erase what it typed in the wrong spot and start over where I was, or it will just stop right in the middle of typing and I have to stop and click with the mouse where I was typing and teh cursor comes back and I start again and then the cursor moves up a few lines and starts typing what I’m typing, there…things such as this happen consistently…makes it almost impossible to even write a simple comment to someone on my Wall or their wall. Can you fix/cure these problems and why is this happening. I clean my computer all the time with virus checks, spyware. One of my good friends is a computer refurbisher and he just practically made my laptop brand new, but this problem is still happening. Do you know what’s going on???? Thank you!!

    • I’ve had similar problems, Sara. Just now I was trying to post a comment on my wall and it wouldn’t take. My guess would be that their servers are just crazy overloaded.

      Sorry if my comments offended you, but if you don’t like snark and sarcasm, you may have come to the wrong blog.

  2. for video calling on fb i have installedone time set up . and when i want to do video chat it asks for to do set up but i hav done dis many times
    pls help me out

  3. paki akter says:

    Use a phone to verify your account but my phone cannot have any face book verify messege

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