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June 7, 2010

How to fix all of Facebook’s problems with two simple solutions

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Ducks — Tony Demchak @ 6:52 pm

There are two major problems that Facebook has. 1) The privacy thing and 2) Too many morons.

The first solution is easy — stop posting sensitive stuff on Facebook! This is not rocket science. Do not put your phone number, address, credit card or social security numbers on Facebook. Seriously. Worried about posting some stupid and making somebody mad, offended, or sad? Don’t put it on Facebook. Yes, there are Byzantine privacy settings on Facebook, and that’s not cool, but anything you put on a largely public website has the potential to be up for grabs.

The second problem has an equally easy solution — go back to the way things were. Whenever I see somebody’s pet or a five year old with a profile on Facebook, it drives me up the wall.  All you need is an e-mail address — and those are really easy to get — and you can be on Facebook. At one point, you had to be a college student with a college e-mail address. I’m not saying college students aren’t morons, but there was at least a barrier to entry, so you weeded out some of the more egregious morons. Now, I realize that the genie’s already been let out of the bottle, so here’s my solution: make everybody pay $5 (lifetime, no monthly or yearly bullshit) to get on Facebook. It could be higher or lower, but in order to pay the $5, you’d probably need PayPal and in order to get that, you need a bank account. This will prevent stupid parents from setting up Facebook profiles for children — i.e. pedophile magnets.

Curmudgeonliness over. Now, as your reward, a picture of ducks.


What? Another post?

Filed under: Only in Russia — Tony Demchak @ 1:37 pm

On an absolute posting frenzy right now, but I couldn’t help but notice this story about conscription in Russia. How do you stop unofficial bribes? Allow official bribes! Only in Russia…

New Enemy: Vampire Weekend

Filed under: Enemies, Specific Stupidity, Today We Learn English! — Tony Demchak @ 11:33 am

First of all, I’m sick and damn tired of the whole vampire thing. But this is much worse. Stephen Colbert takes them to task for ripping on the Oxford Comma. Here’s a link to the clip (sorry, won’t embed).

Pure awesome on the part of Colbert, but seriously, it’s not that hard to use proper punctuation. In fact, it’s among the easier parts of the English language. For challenging a well-established grammar rule, you, Vampire Weekend, are my latest enemy!

This just in: Chipper Jones is an all-time great.

Filed under: Sports — Tony Demchak @ 11:12 am

Read this article by Tim Kurkjian the other day. He essentially calls Larry “Chipper” Jones one of the best no. 1 picks in draft history, and a top-five all time 3B. I didn’t believe it, so I ran Baseball Reference’s new custom report thing (subscribers get the whole list), sorting by OPS +.

Now, it leaves out the top 5. For those interested in guessing/doing the research, I’ll put the answers under the fold. (more…)


Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Economics — Kevin Feasel @ 8:39 am

Arnold Kling talks about predatory borrowing.  This is an important aspect of the last bubble.  It wasn’t just banks going around trying to offer people loans they couldn’t refuse; it was also people going out and trying to find easy money to flip houses.  At the time, because prices were going up, it made sense for both parties to accept…irregularities…in their dealings.  “You don’t check my credit history and I’ll say whatever you want me to say on the form” was the game played.  Kling is right in that this wasn’t one group of people screwing over another group of people, or at least that it wasn’t banks screwing over law-abiding, hard-working customers who just got tricked into these difficult-to-understand loans.  It was people trying to get something for nothing and hoping that they could ride the bubble forever.

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