The Limits Of Managers

JC Bradbury says something that I also believe:  managers in baseball don’t really do all that much different at the margin.  My thought is that, aside from keeping players from killing each other and ensuring that there is some kind of orderly progression, there isn’t too much that a good manager will do that a bad one won’t.  I will say that good management means nothing—bullpen choices can be important—but I believe he’s right:  if you really want to improve a team, look at getting better players well before getting a better manager.


One thought on “The Limits Of Managers

  1. I absolutely agree that of the major sports, managers in baseball are the most useless, particularly at the margins.

    What I’d like to know is how firings work. If a manager is fired, does a team show a marked improvement right away, particularly with a markedly different personality type?

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