Things I Learned From Pat

Part 1 in an on-going series.

Peter Lorre was the child murderer in Fritz Lang’s M.

Things Pat (possibly) learned from me, part 1 in an on-going series:  M was an excellent movie.


Quick updates

Royal Rumble is tonight, so you know how I’ll be spending my evening…

Picked up Dragon Age: Origins (finally) at Hastings. Almost got it a few weeks ago, but ended up with Hearts of Iron III instead. So far I’m liking it, but I’ve only gotten about four hours in. Should have a review in a couple of weeks. Apart from that, not much to say. Apparently there is some kind of Pro Bowl Footballery going on as well. I will continue my long standing trend of ignoring it.

Musical Saturday

Okay, this one’s been going around pretty much every economics-related blog I’ve seen:  Fear the Boom and Bust.  They actually did a really good job for being a bunch of white people talking about economics.

Rap’s not at all my style, but while I’m at it, here’s Lazy Muncie.  It’s old, but still funny.

And finally, something a little closer to my tastes (which I can’t embed).  Tony will probably like that band.