Football Season Begins

That’s my excuse for why I don’t have a real post today…

– The Cincinnati game was ridiculous.  It was a very interesting game throughout, but the ending was classic Bungles.  How is it that a team can look so good, driving down the field and scoring with less than a minute left, and then blow it?  Cincinnati on first down came so close to intercepting the ball, with their cornerback landing out of bounds.  On second down, they tipped the ball, but right into Brandon Stokley’s hands and he outran the middle linebacker for a touchdown.

– The Cleveland game was more old-fashioned suck.  The Browns tried to contain Adrian Peterson, but 180 yards on 25 rushes…yeah…  Before the end of the first half, it was funny listening to the announcers.  “So, should they run the 2-minute drill?  Oh, they just scored.  Well, should the other team run the 2-minute drill?  Oh, they just went 3-and-out.  So, should the first team…oh, they just failed…”

– Washington still looks bad.  The Giants didn’t look all that good, but Washington didn’t even make it a game.

– So far, Green Bay has done a great, great job on defense and Jay Cutler is looking like Chicago QB.

– New England plays Buffalo tomorrow.  I’m afraid to watch.  This season’s going to be brutal, and 7-9 might be a happy goal, unfortunately.  They have just enough tools to keep from going 4-12, but I can see 6 almost-guaranteed losses on the schedule:  New England (2), Indianapolis, Tennessee, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and that’s right off the bat.