I Am For Health Care Reform

From an article James Kwak linked to:

If you are for fiscal discipline, you should be for health-care reform. If our government cannot produce some kind of reform, that will only reinforce the perception that our political system is incapable of resolving our largest, most difficult problem — and that is what will make investors think twice about investing in America.

I fully support health care reform.  For starters, I would eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, under the assumption that if they really are doing any good, that individual states could work with their own plans to get this done (and would provide the added bonus of competition).  Then, I would even out the taxation field by allowing individuals to deduct health care costs (and not just insurance) from their taxes.  After that, I would eliminate any federal regulations prohibiting insurance companies from selling insurance in several states.  Unlike Obamacare and the other stupid ideas being floated around, this would actually cut the federal budget, would be more likely to spur on innovation, and would have the added bonus of making HMOs less powerful by eliminating the taxation differential they use to their advantage to survive.