Friday Notes

Some quick notes before my weekend begins:

– Bob Murphy wants to show you over and over that a good portion of the “credit freeze” was inflicted by government over-reaction.  In other words, when Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke were saying that the world would end without massive government spending and kickbacks to their buddies, things were not doing nearly as poorly as they claimed.

– The United States Health Postal Service, under criticism…in 1994.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. is trying to replace Ted “It’s not a dump truck; it’s a series of tubes!” Stevens.  You see, the public option is a stamp; it’s e-mail!  You just go to the doctor and he e-stamps you and you’re all good again.  If it weren’t for that stampenmail stuff, it’d cost, like, a billion dollars to e-mail anyone.  Meanwhile, it’s the same price to ship a kiwifruit to your local grocer’s as it is for you to ship a letter to your buddy across the street.  Thanks, government monopolies!

– The first line of a Heritage Founation blog postSen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) likes to refer to healthcare as “a fundamental right and not just a privilege.” Except for Mary Jo Kopechne.


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