Health Care: She’s Going From Suck To Blow

– Keith Hennessey has a series of great posts on the Kennedy health care bill and the House version of this bill.  It’s HillaryCare all over again.

– Greg Mankiw warns against a health care competitiveness fallacy that will likely pop up during this debate.

– The CBO has an initial cost estimate for HillaryCare 2.  For $1 trillion, we can marginally improve a few million people while causing harm to a larger number (who will find it difficult to get private insurance).  Naturally, the $1 trillion appears to be understated, and if (almost) universal insurance were to be achieved, it would come at a cost of $4 trillion.

John Graham critique’s Tyler Cowen’s recent health care article.  Basically, Cowen believes that “a government agency is capable of determining value for the almost 50 million Americans on Medicare. This is Ludwig Von Mises/Friedrich von Hayek/Milton Friedman grade 1 page 1: A central planner simply cannot perform this function.”


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