Economic Notes (Rapid-Fire Edition)

Tim Geithner is a joke all around the world. Sometimes, I feel bad for the guy; it’s not his fault that government is so screwed up, after all. Then I remember that he’s one of the individuals who grew up sucking on the teat of the public fisc, and thus deserves all the scorn he gets. Were that even more government officials got it…

Cap and trade will get us all of the negatives and none of the positives. No wonder the left wants this.

– It takes a lot of Hopenchange (now available in bottle form) to stick a 31-year-old in charge of restructuring Government Motors. On the bright side, since I want them to fail, this increases the odds of that happening.

Cooking oil must be taxed. Seriously, guys, instead of trying to screw people over and come up with absurd rationales for stealing more money, why not tighten your belts and get rid of some of the bureaucratic fat? It is my belief (backed up by experience, for what that’s worth) that at least 15% of the employees of any cabinet-level government agency are entirely useless. Naturally, you can’t fire those people in most cases, but this is The Worst Economic Recession Ever And We’re All Going To Die!!!!!!! so you can use that to get rid of those people. In fact, if the state of Colorado wants, I’d be happy to look through their budget and find wasteful, useless, or unnecessary spending and save them so much money that they won’t have to try to tax cooking oil or water used for boiling noodles. And I’ll even do it for just 1% of the amount I save—that’s how generous I am.


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