Today, Pat and I took advantage of incredibly nice weather and went a bit further than we figured we could.  We started downtown and made it up the Olentangy Trail a bit past Antrim Park, and then back downtown.  We took a break our first ride through and walked a lap around the lake at Antrim.  It’s a very nice little park and I think I’ll go up that way more often.  It looks like we had roughly 3 more miles to go before the bike trail ended, but we weren’t going to try to push it this time and instead turned back.  By the time we got back downtown and to Pat’s place of employment, our trip totaled roughly 22 miles, according to my bike’s odometer.  By that time, I was still feeling great, but my knees told me that I’d had enough.  About two hours after getting back, I’m feeling the ride effects kick in and that explains why you get this rather than my normal snark and pessimism…


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