Now that I am one step closer to officially becoming the DBA at work, I am delving a bit more deeply into the non-development side of SQL Server than previously.  To do that, I am planning on watching a lot of videos, as I would rather not try to hit up my job’s training budget for this and any of the classes I might be interested in would run well over the $1000 I have that I could allocate toward such an endeavour.  As a result, I am looking at free sources of information.  I subscribe to and read SQL Server Central, but in addition, I watched the first SQLServerPedia tutorial and am intrigued and shall learn more.  I also have a plan to check out how closely SSWUG’s vidcasts match what I’m looking for.

A couple of weeks ago at work, our code generator application was not running—we would get a timeout message when it tried to hit a table in a database.  Thanks to this query over at SQLTeam, I found out that one of our developers had an IX lock on the particular table.  Unbeknownst to him, he forgot to commit or roll back a transaction he had pending, and part of this transaction involved updating values in that table.  Because he had an update lock, nobody else could read from that table, causing the code generator to crash.  After I had him roll back the transaction (after all—if it was that good an idea, he could run it again but commit this time, and I had no idea what he was trying to run), things were copacetic once more.  I’ve saved that query in my list of good queries, and am planning on adapting it for my own purposes.

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