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WWE Championship Match: Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton.

Lady Penguatroll was right on this one. I desperately hoped they would use the opportunity to make Orton look like a bad ass, but alas, no dice. A good match and better than a lot of other folks said.

Lady Penguatroll (LP) 1, Penguatroll (PT) 0.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Show vs. Edge (c) vs. John Cena.

Way too predictable. Cena won. The match was pretty decent and Cena’s entrance was a definite “WTF?!?” moment. Show was just kind of filler; I had no illusions that he would win.

LP 1, PT 1

Tag title unification match: Miz and Morrison (c) vs. Colons (c)

Not even on the show. I can’t believe the Colons won, MNM 2.0 seemed like a mortal lock to win. Can’t judge the quality, as they did it on the pre-show.

LP 2, PT 1

IC title match: JBL vs Mysterio.

This is getting embarrassing. Match stunk, but JBL’s retirement speech (I QUIT!!) was great. Sad to hear he won’t be at the commentary table.

LP 3, PT 1

Extreme rules: Hardy vs. Hardy

Awesome match, probably my second favorite on the card. Some sick spots here, and the right man won (Matt, not Jeff). Point for both of us.

LP 4, PT 2

HBK vs. Taker

Wow. If you have the slightest bit of a vague preference for wrestling, watch this match. An absolutely phenomenal contest between two no doubt Hall of Famers.

LP 5, PT 3.

Money in the bank

Punk won, shocking me. MVP didn’t come close, although everyone had some good spots. Kofi was a bad choice from the beginning. However, because it’s my post, I’m claiming a point, as Punk was at least in my top four.

LP 5, PT 4

Diva battle royal.

We all lose. Trish wasn’t even there, which seemed a no brainer to me. Mickie did well, but we got a victory by Santina instead. A man in a dress. Hilarious but sad all at the same time.

LP 5, PT 4

Y2J v. Legends

Ricky Steamboat has no right to be this good at his age. The right man won, and the match was actually pretty solid until Mickey Rourke got involved.

LP 5, PT 5

So we tied. In retrospect, “Face wins!” would have been the best strategy, as that would have been six victories.


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