I’m halfway tempted not to waste your time by posting a review. Just go out and buy the game. Since you’re still here, here’s the review.

Graphics: 10. Absolutely amazing. We’ve come a long way from the PS or PS 2. Lots of nice little touches.

Audio: 9.5. Sorry, but the iPod concept pisses me off. I hate Apple. Great music and voiceovers.

Gameplay: 9. CQC just isn’t well trained or documented. I have to keep checking the manual for most of those controls. Zooming with the scope sometimes takes a third hand, but it’s hard to see how it could have been avoided. Very intuitive, especially if you’ve played MGS in the past.

Replayability: 10. If not for the incredible story, there’s so much stuff to find that the generic completionist will still find it engaging.

Story: 10. Only Grand Theft Auto IV comes close. They tie up 99% of the loose ends, leaving the barest hint of a possibility of a thought that there MAY be another game. The holes are very tiny and generic and if there’s no sequel, no big deal.

BUY this game. Seriously. If you don’t like Metal Gear Solid 4, you just don’t like video games. Is it the greatest PS 3 game ever? Hard to say when you’ve got GTA 4 and Assassin’s Creed. Top three? Oh yeah.


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