Here’s last years, which I totally nailed.

Quick intro: The purposes of this match is to secure a briefcase, using a ladder. Said briefcase will give the owner a guaranteed world title shot whenever they like for one full year. Previous winners have all won the title (when they’ve kept their shot).

The match: CM Punk vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Finlay vs. MVP

The winners (in reverse order):

8. Mark Henry

If Mark Henry successfully gets to the top of the ladder, that’s a win for him. The man is huge (400+ lbs) and I’m not sure he’s deserving of a huge push (unless it’s off the ladder).

7. Kane

Kane does pretty well, for a big man, in these types of matches, but I just don’t see him getting another title reign this way.

6. Finlay

This is where things start getting tricky. It’s hard to differentiate between 6 and 5 on this list, because they’re all in about the same boat. Finlay has only one title in the WWE, the US Championship, and the only other titles I think he’d get would be the ECW or Intercontinental Titles. Finlay has WWE or World Heavyweight Champion just doesn’t inspire me.

5. Kofi Kingston

See comments for Finlay, add Intercontinental and World Tag Team Titles (with CM Punk), subtract US title. I do think at some point he might get one of the Big Belts, but I think Kingston was rushed and should have had a reign with the ECW title.

4. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton always delivers in these kinds of matches. Dropping the US belt may be a signal he’s ready for a step up the card. My only problem is that he just doesn’t have very much heat. Fans have always been lukewarm about Shelton the character. He could try to fight for #2 heel on Smackdown or for #5 on RAW, but if he’s still a heel (and there’s no hint of a heel turn), I just don’t see a heel winning this match.

3. CM Punk

The first legitimate winner. His first title reign was somewhat lackluster, and this would be a great opportunity for him to put himself on the map. The only downside is that he won last year and I don’t think anyone will win this match twice. No, Edge doesn’t count. I’d be happy to see Punk win and there are lots of upper card feuds available to him. I just don’t see it as very likely.

2. Christian

To many observers, Christian is the only legitimate winner in the match. He does have the credentials, if we include his past history before TNA, and they only get stronger if we do include TNA. Christian hasn’t yet won a major belt in WWE, and it would seem to be the next logical step. A program with Edge could be epic, if Edge retains (which I doubt he will). My only concern is that letting Christian win makes TNA look better, and I highly doubt that Vince wants that. I’m about 85% sure Christian won’t stay on ECW, but whether they keep Edge and Christian apart longer is up for grabs. I think an Edge-Christian program is just too Hardy-esque right now and they’ve already got one such program. Again, I’d be happy if he won, and he’s more 1A than a solid 2, but I’m still not convinced.

And the winner will be: 1. MVP

The ultimate payoff for his losing streak would be a Wrestlemania moment for MVP. He’s gotten hugely over as a face, and while I’m still underwhelmed by his finishers, he has a unique style. He’s good on the mike, like a blacker Rock. WWE has put two belts on him before (US and Tag Team w/ Matt), but dropping the US title to go for a bigger one would be fine with me too. MVP hasn’t really feuded with a main-event superstar except for Undertaker, and any feud could be fresh. With HHH essentially a part of RAW and the Undertaker doing his yearly push to Mania, MVP has quietly found himself the #1 face on Smackdown. Plus, maybe we’ll get the VIP Lounge again (although a facier one).


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