New Coach + New GM – Offense = Playoffs?

So the Browns have a new coach, Eric Mangini, and a new GM, George Kokinis (who the folks at Dawgs by Nature have delightfully named ManKok). Since then, we traded our best receiver from last year, signed a blocking TE, and now our 3rd down guy from two years ago is gone too. Our alleged no. 1 drops ball like they’re on fire and also ready to explode. We’re supposedly going to a run heavy offense, which is clearly genius with this guy running between the tackles. Our defense was hideous, and we’ve also lost our starting strong safety. Granted, we have high draft picks and an additional #2 from K2. But a lot of holes just opened up and it’s not like our roster was rife with Pro Bowlers to begin with.

I’m assuming for the moment Crabtree is our 1st round pick, as we can’t rely solely on Edwards and we need a semblance of a passing game to keep defenses honest. That leaves us with a lot of starters to replace. My point? It seems like changing nothing would have left us farther ahead than changing everything.