Learning Is Hard

Now that I am registered for a financial accounting course, I actually have to start studying again.  I bought the course textbook in its online version and have been going through the first chapter.  The downside to online textbooks is that I already spent 11 or 12 hours a day staring at a computer monitor (mostly for work), so my eyes don’t like the extra strain that an online book brings.  On the other hand, because I am a hand-written note-taker rather than a write-all-over-the-book kind of guy, the online format is cheaper and I don’t lose anything from it.

One thing that I’m not used to is having to do homework before the course begins, but that’s how it goes at the school I’m going to, apparently.  I only have to show up to class one evening a week, though, so I’ll be able to manage the combination of school and work.  It’d be easier if I weren’t working 50 hours a week, though…


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