Movie Viewed

This evening, Pat, his wife, and I watched Idiocracy.  The movie was hilarious, yet given how realistic it is, entirely disturbing.  After watching it, I feel like reading some of John Derbyshire at his dourest…  [Derb, naturally, loved the movie.]

On the plus side, I discovered that plants crave electrolytes and that the US dinosaur totally kicked Charlie Chaplin’s Nazi dinosaur’s butt.  I plan on using this knowledge to the fullest extent possible.

All in all, I give the movie 47 Bruce Willises (on a scale where Pearl Harbor gets 1 Bruce Willis and Die Hard gets 98 Bruce Willises plus 2 Carls from Family Matters*).

* – Yes, I know his name**.  No, I’m not going to use it.  He will always be Carl to me.

** – It’s Eddie Murphy***.

*** – There is a long-running joke between Tony, Dan, and me that I believe that every actor is secretly Eddie Murphy.  This came about because I mistook a similar-looking actor for Eddie Murphy once and to short-circuit any “they all look alike” comments, I quickly said my theory that Eddie Murphy is the ultimate thespian and he plays all roles in all movies.  Ron Jeremy, for example, is Eddie Murphy with a cat taped to his back.