Course Registration Complete

After a year off, I decided to start taking some more courses.  Because I get $3500 a year in tuition reimbursement at my current job, I figured I would begin some night classes in the field of accounting.  Accounting is something that really never interested me, but right now, it turns out that it’s a great fit, as I am starting a business.  A few friends (mostly programmers, but we also have network and sales specialists) and I are looking at starting our own company.  Because we all have jobs that allow us to work on the side, we’re going to be able to put some time in to the business and try to grow it up a bit.  We don’t yet have a very solid plan, but we have enough that we know what our roles will be.  Listed in my set of roles will be bookkeeping and finance, given that I have the most financial experience.  But because my accounting experience is, shall we say, rather limited, I’m going to take 4 or 5 courses over the next year to get up to speed and to the point where I’m not entirely a rank amateur.

This upcoming semester, I’m taking a course on Financial Accounting, with this textbook.  The scheduling was actually rather convenient, given that I only show up once a week and it begins at 6 PM, with the facility about a mile and a half from where I work.  After that, I’ll start working my way back up to getting a MS in Computer Science, which is my medium-term goal.  But in the meantime, I can see some complementarities in learning a bit more about finance…


A Smashing Good Time

I ride in to work 3 or 4 times a week.  With the power outages this week, I rode on Monday but that was it (as I had to drive to my parents’ house to take a shower in the morning), but I decided to ride in today.  I normally stick to the sidewalks as much as possible, since there aren’t really any people on them in the morning (or pre- /post-drive time, when I go home).  This morning, as I was going through a sidewalk (with a walk signal), a fellow tried to pull out and make a right turn at the red light directly after I entered the intersection.  He hit my back wheel, missing my leg by about a foot.  Because it was a low-speed hit, it didn’t knock me off the bike and I wasn’t hurt at all, thankfully, though I was a trifle upset that I would be late to work…  After having a bicycle repair fellow take a look at it, it turns out that the thing was totaled.  The rear breaks were locked, the frame was bent, and considering that it was a crappy bike to begin with, it just wasn’t worth repair.

As such, I decided that I would get a new bike, and have come to my decision:  the 2007 Schwinn Mesa.  Even though I don’t really ride in the mountains, I like having a rugged bike because they usually take a beating when I’m riding them.  And for an introductory bike, the reviews are generally rather good, and it’s definitely a few notches above my old bike, given that people aren’t complaining about the terrible brakes, the derailler which doesn’t work, the sticky gears, how it likes to auto-shift when you’re pedaling hard, etc. etc. etc.  The bike probably won’t arrive for a few weeks, which means that riding season will be closer to its end, but I’m a sucker for a good deal.