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April 23, 2008

IE Opening Firefox

Filed under: Programming & Work — Kevin Feasel @ 8:04 pm

My parents had a problem with their computer recently:  opening an IE window would result in Firefox opening instead.  Now, this isn’t really a big problem considering that they use Firefox and don’t care for IE, but they needed it for a particular site, so I had to figure out what the problem was.  Fortunately, the Internets is full of answers…

For their computer, deleting the registry key worked, and I had to delete the DLL file (look in the comments).  I like to think of it, though, as Microsoft implicitly admitting that yeah, IE really is inferior…

April 22, 2008

How The Draft Will Go

Filed under: Specific Stupidity, Sports, Wacky Theories — Kevin Feasel @ 6:26 pm

Emmitt can’t possibly be wrong!

Reading this, I kept thinking that it was going to stop being funny, and yet it continued on.  There were several great bits, but my favorite was Matt Ryan getting drafted twice, followed closely by the Falcons trading their first round pick in 2017 to get the #9 this year…

April 21, 2008

Recruiting in NCAA 08

Filed under: Sports, Video Games — Tony Demchak @ 1:29 pm

As I once told Kevin, what makes NCAA 2008 so awesome is that the offseason essentially lasts all season. Recruiting is fundamentally different from Madden or any other football game; you get players for free on guaranteed four year contracts, but they leave after that with no way of resigning them.

The recruiting video doesn’t help a whole lot; it gives you the basics of the system, but not how best to take advantage of that system. I will present you, the reader, with some of my tips to build a better team.

1. Prestige is everything

Prestige, specifically school prestige, is what determine a recruit’s initial interest in your school. Although you can theoretically recruit anyone, it’s a lot harder to recruit somebody who isn’t interested in your school to start out with. You can manufacture prestige if you’re a good school in a bad conference (i.e. Akron, like my season), but it’s much harder to do it with a bad school in a good conference (sorry, Northwestern fans). Winning conference championships and bowl games help boost your prestige; hell, I went from 4 stars to 5 stars (out of six) by getting reamed by Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl. 1 star recruits will play for anybody, but starting with three star recruits and up, they get a lot more picky.

2. Keep your board clean

Yes, you can recruit up to 35 people at once; this is really, really stupid. You only have 25 scholarships, and you’ll never get to 35 athletes in one week. Start by recruiting your top athletes and work your way down; it will take less effort to sign a four star recruit than a five star recruit.

3. Don’t let up

Keep talking to recruits until they sign or until you know they’re gone. I’ve had people yanked out from under me on a soft commitment because I didn’t push it hard enough.

4. Schedule visits strategically

These are the best way to get apathetic recruits really interested. Schedule visits during rivalry games or other really good matchups. The better a prospect, the earlier in the season you generally want him to visit; the longer a prospect doesn’t commit, especially 5 star recruits, the better chance he will go to another school. When you’re building your preseason schedule, make sure to schedule a couple of teams in the top 25. These will be prime recruiting dates.

5. Don’t go for all the pitches in one week

You are only really concerned with three pitches; the most pitch and the two very highs. If you schedule a visit, you’ll get a clue to one of those three. Recruits will get bored if you spend the first week asking about every pitch; plus, you’ll spend way too much time on too few recruits. Start with the thing your school is best at and work your way down.

6. Use sways with caution

If a recruit is close to signing with another school, then you can try to sway pitches; remember that there are a limited amount of potential “highs”, so don’t sway an above average category unless you don’t want him interested in it.

7. Promises are key in the offseason

Make promises you can keep. This is another reason to pick a good school in a bad conference; you can promise conference championships. Significant playing time is a big winner too. Winning records against your rivals are nice. NEVER promise a national championship; there’s too much that can go wrong. Promises are the only way to get your foot in the door, so to speak, with a five star recruit at the end of the season; you’ll pique their interest enough that you can at least get them to listen.

That’s all for now. Questions are welcome; drop a line in the comments section.

April 19, 2008

Happy Passover

Filed under: Yiddishkeit — Kevin Feasel @ 9:45 pm

Pesach began tonight.  The chametz is burned; the matzot is ready.  Unfortunately, it appears that some of the matzot I bought was a bit burned itself…

CSLA 3.5 Out

Filed under: Programming & Work — Kevin Feasel @ 9:38 pm

The CSLA 3.5 framework is out now.  The official launch was on Dot Net Rocks, and the changelog is fairly expansive.  The good news, though, is that we won’t have to do much to take advantage of the new framework.  We were using CanReadProperty(bool) and will have to change this, but our applications really weren’t taking advantage of all of the features available, which is part of why we’re refactoring our business processes.

I’m quite happy about Linq-To-CSLA and the power this will give developers.  On our end of things, we were using stored procedures as filters and code generation to create partial class methods as extensions for our business objects.  This works, but the idea of simply grabbing the entire set and doing all of that in Linq is mighty tempting, at least for the smaller sets of data…

April 18, 2008

Heart Of Redness

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness — Kevin Feasel @ 8:24 pm

A story which tells of the horrors betwixt Boston and Austin.

April 17, 2008

If I Were Mennonite, I Could Sell Power Tools

Filed under: Yiddishkeit — Kevin Feasel @ 8:45 pm

One of my glasses lenses popped out at work today during a developer meeting, so I had to take my glasses off to fix it.  One of the developers said, “Put your glasses back on—you look like a crazy Amish man.”

Game, set, match…

April 16, 2008

Pick Sanford!

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness — Kevin Feasel @ 5:43 pm

I like Mark Sanford a lot.  He’s probably not my favorite governor, but with him as VP and presumptive nominee in 2012 if McCain were to pull out a victory in 2008, the likelihood of my voting for McCain would jump a good 15 or 20%.

Unfortunately, according to David Fredosso, Sanford and McCain may be on the out-and-out.  Marc Ambinder says that it’s not quite as bad as Fredosso’s source says, but I don’t see too many good candidates other than Sanford and possibly Tim Pawlenty (who is better from a strategic standpoint but not as good at making upset conservatives willing to hold their noses).  I can see a lot of bad candidates and a few who are still too green but may be ready for the prime time in 2012 (Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal in particular), but from what I see, Sanford would give McCain a popular, feisty libertarianish conservative and could bring a percentage of the base back, which would help McCain financially.

April 15, 2008

“This Is A Knife!” “That’s Not A Knife—That’s A Spoon!”

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Sports — Kevin Feasel @ 7:33 pm

Watching the Braves game tonight, I saw the “scouting report” on Jair Jurrjens.  Having only seen him once this year, I was interested in getting a good scouting report on him.  Unfortunately, their scouting report was:

- Born in Curacao
- Needs control
- Renteria trade

#1 is a part of a bio, I suppose, and #3 as well, but any scout which turns in this list should get fired.  How many pitchers don’t “need control”?  They did say that he has a pretty good changeup, which is something that ought to be there.  The rest of the stuff, though, sounds like what Steve Phillips would come up with…

April 14, 2008

ASP MVC With TDD—Too Many Acronyms!

Filed under: Programming & Work — Kevin Feasel @ 8:37 pm

Rob Conery has a great series up on creating a storefront using ASP.Net’s MVC framework and learning test-driven development along the way.  So far, he has chapters 1, 2, and 3 up, and I am looking forward to more.  The most interesting thing about this is that Conery is documenting his experiences learning a new programming methodology, showing his mistakes and successes in the process.  The downside, though, is that we’re about 35 minutes and three screencasts in and he hasn’t really done all that much…

I am going to give test-driven development and continuous integration a shot in my next project if I think I can pull it off.  It’ll be a fairly large and important project for me, so I am going to be a bit risk-averse, but I’m reading up as much as I can before next Monday, when I will have the requirements and an opportunity to digest them.  In any event, I would still like to see one or two more screencasts from Rob in the meantime, just to give me a little bit more of a concept I can build off of when I go down my own road…

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