CSLA 3.5 Out

The CSLA 3.5 framework is out now.  The official launch was on Dot Net Rocks, and the changelog is fairly expansive.  The good news, though, is that we won’t have to do much to take advantage of the new framework.  We were using CanReadProperty(bool) and will have to change this, but our applications really weren’t taking advantage of all of the features available, which is part of why we’re refactoring our business processes.

I’m quite happy about Linq-To-CSLA and the power this will give developers.  On our end of things, we were using stored procedures as filters and code generation to create partial class methods as extensions for our business objects.  This works, but the idea of simply grabbing the entire set and doing all of that in Linq is mighty tempting, at least for the smaller sets of data…


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