Programming Links Of The Day, 3/21

Fridays are short, so I don’t usually spend much time searching for things on the Internet.  However, here are a couple of links I found handy today.  First, I started using RedirectToAction, as shown in Scott Guthrie’s blog.  The benefit of this function is that it will make controls more interoperative and interchangable.  For example, I have a user control called Notes.ascx which, oddly enough, adds and displays notes.  This is necessary for several views, but the note-adding functionality is the same in each case (with just a couple of parameters changing to show on which page the note originated).  After I run the note adding or updating process, I just redirect back to the page that the user was on last and things are good as new.

My other discovery today was that TempData has a bug, namely, that it doesn’t serialize to XML and thus there can be session state problems.  Unfortunately, this is the case in my situation, so until they get that bug fixed, I am using a low-quality work-around involving a static variable.