Programming Links Of The Day, 3/19

Today, I only have a couple of links.  The first is a tip:  if you do object caching in ASP, make sure that asynchronous operations are turned on.  You can do that by putting Asynch=”true” in the @Page directive on your .aspx page.  This comes from the indispensable Scott Guthrie’s blog.

On one of my projects, we’re using the Smum County Modal Form.  It’s a pretty good modal box if you’re into that sort of thing.  I don’t think that it’s very good practice, but then again, I’m not the application architect.

Finally, there was a problem which vexed us today.  One developer wanted to get the selected value of an ASP DropDownList in JavaScript.  Using this helpful page, which describes normal HTML/JavaScript, I was able to write the JavaScript to do it.  Here’s a quick version the way we did things (forgive me for the crudity of using Response.Write!):

elly = document.getElementById("<% Response.Write(ddlWhateverIAM.ClientID) %>")
selected_text = elly.options[elly.selectedIndex].text;
//do whatever you need to do with the text value