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September 30, 2009

Economics Notes

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Economics — Kevin Feasel @ 6:46 pm

- Remember when Obama was going to cut taxes?  Yeah, those were the days

- There can’t possibly be any public choice problems with having the regulated bail out the regulator.  Nope, that’ll never come up the next time any of the banks run afoul of FDIC regulations…  But since the money’s flowing freely between friends, what’s the problem with making public the already-existing capture of regulators?

- Russ Roberts has an interesting question, especially at this point in the game:  will massive government spending tame the “animal spirits” or will it, instead, cause things to get worse because people will realize that the government can’t possibly make good on all of its debts?  A proper Keynesian would have wanted to cut spending drastically during the 1990s and 2003-2008 and have a rainy day fund for downturns.  Instead, we get the spend-spend-spend crowd who piggy-back off of Keynes’s ideas (ill-suited as they are to the world in which we live).  Their day is coming, but unfortunately, they won’t be the ones bearing the brunt of it.

- From the “do we really need government?” files:  government officials sell driver’s licenses in India.  This might help explain some of why people in India are such bad drivers.  It doesn’t explain why Americans are such bad drivers…  This is another reason to advocate deregulation whenever possible:  many regulations seem to exist in order to enrich bureaucrats and particular groups of individuals, at the expense of those locked out from the regulation process.  The answer isn’t some addle-brained idea of “broadening the system” or “participatory democracy” or whatnot, but rather to destroy the capacity for such malfeasance.

September 29, 2009

What Could Be The Harm?

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Economics — Kevin Feasel @ 8:11 pm

The G-20 nations apparently are looking to enact banker-compensation regulations.  Tyler Cowen wonders where the literature is to justify this.  If he doesn’t know about it, I question its existence…

To learn a bit more about investment companies and how employees get paid, you could do a lot worse than read this (currently) two-part series by the Epicurean Dealmaker.  Starting off with a description of “anti-bonus zombies” as “generally dim-witted, slow-moving, and awkward” is awesome.

September 28, 2009

Unintended Consequences, An Ongoing Series

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness, Economics — Kevin Feasel @ 8:05 pm

Cash for Clunkers may have caused a greater amount of gasoline usage. Cue evil laughter…

September 27, 2009

I’m Shocked!

Filed under: Curmudgeonliness — Kevin Feasel @ 4:02 pm

The Government Motors bailout probably won’t be paid back. I thought this was a slam-dunk deal that was going to be a profit for the American taxpayer, though—that’s what Congress and the President (a man with considerable business expertise—he once walked inside an office!) told us.  You mean that handing hundreds of billions of dollars over to politician-bribing businesses doesn’t benefit the general taxpayer?  I’m absolutely shocked.  Shocked and amazed.

September 26, 2009

Remind Me Not To Send Ironman An Angry E-Mail…

Filed under: Wacky Theories — Kevin Feasel @ 8:11 pm

This is the best way to respond to an e-mail. The posts at Political Calculations are generally a bit long, so I don’t read them as soon as I would read shorter posts, but they’re almost always worth the wait.  This one had me laughing and thinking the whole way through, and that’s a great combination.

Note to self:  need to emulate them.  Nah, that’d be too much work…

An Idea That Can’t Possibly Be Bad

Filed under: Specific Stupidity — Kevin Feasel @ 8:02 pm

If you don’t buy Obamacare, you can go to jail.  That’s an interesting way of reducing the number of uninsured, I guess…

September 25, 2009

Bring Back Noir

Filed under: Filmography — Kevin Feasel @ 5:59 pm

Here’s a call for a revival of the film noir style.  I’m a big fan of the era and am almost entirely in  support of the motion.  My only concern would be that modern directors and producers would try to sensationalize it, figuring that people need the gore and explicit violence and sexuality rather than the slightly underplayed nature of a good noir.

September 24, 2009

Baptists And Bootleggers In A Different Context

Filed under: Chicagoland, Curmudgeonliness, Economics — Kevin Feasel @ 9:34 pm

Steve Sailer on understanding left-wing shakedown groups. It’s the same thing as buying Congressmen:  you pay out the cash, let them go on their moralistic tirades (with no discernible impact on your bottom line), and get around the regulators with a “if lions and lambs are lying down together, what could possibly be wrong?” type statement.

Follow-up questions:  what is the optimal size and scope of the left-wing organization?  It has to be large enough to insulate the money-handlers from the the suckers activists, yet small enough to be controllable.  Also, to what extent would this happen in the absence of federal regulators?

September 23, 2009

How Many Places Can I Fall Off?

Filed under: Wacky Theories — Kevin Feasel @ 8:59 pm

Here is the roadmap to success. You can tell that this was Progressive Era business thought:  it’s all about “following the system.”  Individual initiative or thought?  Eh, that will just get you screwed up; instead, you have to follow the system!  Fortunately, I skipped past the Bohemianism area and around the sinkhole of illiteracy.  I probably would get stuck at Hotel Know-It-All, even though I objectively know that I don’t actually know it all; I just act that way…  If I could get past that, I don’t have too many vices (outside of ill temper and a tendency to murder prostitutes find dead bodies in the trunk of my car for no reason at all) and have relatively few bad habits, as long as “an abject refusal to talk to people on the telephone” doesn’t count as a bad habit.  Maybe the giant spider of procrastination would get me, but it looks like in the end, I’m getting shot out of the Bad Temper cannon and into the river of failure.  At least I know that Tony wouldn’t make it to the golden harp of success:  at the very worst, he’d get stuck at the laziness cafe.

Quick hits from the Penguatroll in his triumphant return!

Filed under: Sports, Video Games, Wrestling — Tony Demchak @ 11:01 am

My faithful readers, I have returned after a long hiatus I’m too lazy to look up! With work, classes, a wife, and video games, I’ve had little time. I am planning on another Madden post, a couple of reviews, and a fantasy football post in the near future, now that I can manage my workload more efficiently at this point. For now, though, a couple of quick points and then I’m gone.

– The offensive ineptitude continues! While we are sucking at less impressive rates, due to Eric Mangini, the sucking nevertheless continues. Why do we suck? The same reason we’ve sucked for a long time — no running game! When it does work well (see Jamal Lewis in Week 1), we abandon it quickly to let Brady Quinn make pointless throws downfield. Look, let Quinn throw short! I promise, it’s legal. Let him pad his stats a bit early in the game, turn him loose after he has confidence. Also, play your rookie WRs!

– After regaining cable after about three months, I’m completely confused by TNA, who seems to turn one wrestler a week, usually the same wrestler they turned the week before. On WWE, Smackdown is awesome, ECW and SuperStars have good matches, and RAW is hit or miss depending on the guest host (apparently, Al Sharpton next week… this will either be the greatest RAW ever or the worst.)

– Picked up Fight Night Round 4, played it for two months, returned it, and got NCAA Football 10. Also got the Futurama Box set (all four seasons!), the 12 season of the Simpsons (finally, Night of the Living Dolphin!), and a couple of wrestling DVDs. Reviews on Fight Night and NCAA will come later, but for now, Fight Night is a C+ and NCAA a B+. I’ll explain more later.

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