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September 6, 2006

It Turns Out They Were Just Womens’ Studies Majors

Filed under: Science! — Kevin Feasel @ 8:02 pm

Swiped from MSNBC, there is this article about how male bass are developing immature eggs.  I don’t have much to say, seeing as how I blew my one allotted joke in the title.

Incidentally, what are the apostrophe rules for “womens’ studies”?  I presume that it is possessive plural, but I cannot be positive, mainly because I’m too lazy to look.

Buy A Namera, Only $750K!

Filed under: Kablooey! — Kevin Feasel @ 7:43 pm

If I were a camwhore, I would totally be exposing my stomach and choice parts of my lower chest to get someone to buy me one of these:  the Namera APC.  It is an Israeli design based off the Merkava Main Battle Tank.  It’ll set you back $750,000 to purchase one—not to mention the gas milage (my guess:  “1 highway, 0 city”), but it’s a tank cum APC, and really, how much cooler can you get?

Incidentally, I would still prefer the Abrams, naturally.  For raw killing power, you can’t beat General Dynamics designs, that’s what I always say.  Well, okay, maybe some things work better at making things go boom.

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